Love Through Music fundraiser a Resounding Success

By Antonio Shyu

PHOTO: provided by Antonio Shyu | San Marino Weekly | The Love Through Music fundraiser concert.
PHOTO: provided by Antonio Shyu | San Marino Weekly | The Love Through Music fundraiser concert.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in San Marino. Love Through Music, a non-profit organization based at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, reached a major milestone on November 12, 2023, hosting a successful inaugural fundraiser concert. The event attracted over a hundred passionate supporters, including friends and family from all over the city, to support musicians of genres ranging from Jazz to Classical and LACHSA alumni from USC Thornton. The planning started in June 2023 when I, Antonio Shyu, the VP of Love Through Music, found I had the resources, musicians, and people to support such an event. Although planning took long hours and dozens of emails, the reward was successful. With the attendees’ generosity and the musicians’ hard work, Love Through Music raised over $2,000 for its noble cause.

With every dollar raised from this exceptional fundraising initiative, Love Through Music has pledged to channel it towards Direct Relief, a globally recognized organization dedicated to providing essential resources to underserved communities worldwide. This strategic collaboration will help Direct Relief fulfill its mission of relieving the suffering among the most vulnerable populations by supplying vital medical aid, supporting disaster response efforts, and offering ongoing support to disadvantaged regions.

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Furthermore, Love Through Music’s selfless pursuits extend beyond international aid, as a portion of the raised funds will be directly allocated to schools with limited resources for arts education. By targeting these educational institutions, Love Through Music aims to bridge the gap in arts funding, granting access to high-quality arts programs that foster creativity, personal growth, and academic achievement for countless deserving students.
As Love Through Music continues to make a lasting impact through their selfless endeavors, they embody the true spirit of philanthropy and inspire others seeking to enact positive change. Through initiatives like these, the arts community, altruism, and collaboration combine synergistically to forge a brighter, more compassionate future for all. I am proud and honored to have all the talented musicians participating in this meaningful cause, and we plan to have another fundraising event soon.